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ABOUT US- Natural State Life Coaching

Welcome to the page!

My name is Lisa, and I am here to guide you to begin coaching. 

I consider myself an intuitive & holistic Registered Nurse & 4 time Certified Wellness Coach, 3 time international best-selling author, teacher, educator, speaker and mother. 

I hold a Master's Degree in nursing and Integrative Wellness, and four separate coaching certifications for Wellness, Spirituality, Business and Life Coaching. I love collaborating with other coaches and practitioners, educating clients and patients and sharing evidence based information about natural health & working with energy fields. I have a passion too for the sound medicine modalities such as singing bowls, voice and tuning forks. I personally also use these frequencies to feel great and I want to show you how to do it!


I have been guiding women for 20 years to improve their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 


I am here to assist you, so that you can begin easily, and know what to expect :) 

Together, I help you make that very smooth transition- into a more comfortable space and find your very own natural path to health and healing.


Famous FAQ's

What types of issues do you address? 

Women come to me for challenges like GYN problems, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, infertility, menopause, PMS, infertility, insomnia, hair loss, thyroid conditions, grief and stress. I coach women through spiritual awakenings or situations where they may feel lost or stuck; such as draining relationships and career changes. Together, we create the right coaching plan for them and anyone who wants to try a session!


Do you take insurance? 

At this time, insurance is not offered in the state of Arkansas for health coaching, however we do have affordable payment plans and offer a sliding scale to students. We are income based on monthly coaching. This means, a regular visit cost monthly depends on your income. If you have no-income, we offer free consultations and we can refer to other health resources.

What options do you have?

Choose from Wellness bundles, Business bundles or try the Healy plan, our best deal yet! This is an amazing tool that is small and portable and uses a very low frequency to balance your body's energy field. 

Use the Healy program alone or with your current treatment plan with your provider. Click here to see if Healy is right for you!


How does this work?

We do coaching together, through a beautiful energetic program that includes virtual or in person focused sessions. You receive personal guided meditation and emotional clearing techniques (such as cord cutting, frequency therapy, chakra balancing & reiki). You will also receive follow ups via text & email, with clear personal guidance and coaching for each goal, seeing progress through a number of ways, including health reports and enhanced emotional and mental clarity. 


What are the outcomes? 

You can achieve great results. Some clients report improved sleep & anxiety, greater confidence, the discovery of inner peace & become open to Earth's energy fields. Other clients develop unique gifts such as using their own intuition to tap into the third eye's energy center. 


Do you have anything new? 

I recently announced a new offer: the Biz Brilliance Bundle, where you now have the support start your own business, become a coach or launch your new website.


Are you accredited? 

Yes, Lisa is a licensed practitioner, certified & accredited to teach students in integrative health, meditation, and energy healing. Since 2019, she has led groups as a Meditation Instructor, Crystal Therapist & Reiki Master, which allows her to provide individual or group activations & attunements.  

Let's walk on the natural path together!

May you see that your own light illuminates the way, 


Carry the light far and allow it to shin
See the world in auric colors and be gui
Lisa M. Jones
Lisa Mann Designs (24)

Empowering. Certified. Soul-supportive.

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