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Hello Amazing Human! 


My name is Lisa, & I love that your path led you here.

This is because I intuitively know that you are on a mission-  to find your Natural State of health & wellness!


Sometimes, however, becoming WELL can be a challenging journey, & often the women who choose to coach with me, realize through my programs, that THEY hold the key to unlock their real power through our coaching- 

so that together, we create a holistic solution!


Each client  goes from a focus on their personal health struggle to applying techniques for health improvements and balance.

Women want to achieve success on their own sometimes, and coaching allows that by teaching tools for you to apply in your life.

It actually is that coaching dynamic that offers real support & expertise that will compliment your life & enhance third eye intuition to truly HEAL from within.

The transformation is amazing.


WHY are my clients so successful?

  • More women & medical providers now realize that the future of healthcare is through wellness coaching

  • Wellness Coaching is that one thing that empowers people when they are stuck in health limbo

  • Empowerment leads to inspired action

  • Inspired action connects to their values & purpose

  • Purpose connects spiritual well-being which improves physical symptoms

Do you know someone in health limbo? Perhaps, it is you that is needing some clarity?

I  would love to be your coach for this year, to create your PLAN for 2020!


So, what about you? 

Do you have specific health challenges that are blocking your energy?

Emotional frustrations on the daily?

I can help you feel more CONNECTED to yourself using over 20 techniques, such as sound healing, meditation & emotional clearing method, to lift unwanted emotions and harness your inner healer!

Are you ready to find your Natural State? (Maybe you want more information first, right?)

Here is a little gift for you as you begin creating your Vision.

I am honored to be present with you!





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Have you tried Life Coaching?

If you are new to Life Coaching, this is a helpful video -to understand what a life coach does. It may help answer some questions if you are new to the coaching world! Now, you may feel called to schedule a free Clarity session with me to find the Natural State you seek!










What is our Natural State?

This is a healing state of BEING.

Your Natural State is not a state of DOING or other action verb that you must get done quickly in an office environment.

It is not an award you win.

Instead, think of it as your mind-body-soul at BLISS level & being calm and happy- even when we are "adulting" and navigating through life.


Similar to meditation practices, clients find their values, set intentions & accomplish their goals, dreams and passions through the use of many natural state's tools you learn through each program.

When I say tools, I mean specific techniques to shift blockages that exist in our paradigm- delving into a living, working- Natural Path.

I also want to give you access

the my new Ebook

called Divine Timing-A Guide to Spirituality & Happiness,

on Kindle App or on Amazon!

To our Natural State of health, 

XO, Lisa

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Clarity Consult
20 min


Lisa M. Jones, MSN, RN, IWLC

Integrative Wellness & Life Coach

 Reiki Master, Meditation & Sound Healing

Welcome to

Natural State

Life Coaching!




The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.

Oliver Wendell Holmes


What would you be like if you were the only person in the world? If you want to be truly happy you must be that person.

Quentin Crisp


Don’t ask yourself what the world needs;

ask yourself what makes you come alive.

And then go and do that.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Harold Whitman

Inner freedom is not guided by our efforts; it comes from seeing what is true. 
The Buddha

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions. 
Leonardo Da Vinci

Changing mass consciousness is an individual responsibility. 
Dennis Weaver

Conflict is the beginning of consciousness. 
M. Esther Harding

If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness. 
Les Brown

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. 
Albert Einstein

Only when your consciousness is totally focused on the moment you are in can you receive whatever gift, lesson, or delight that moment has to offer. 
Barbara de Angelis

Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us.
Earl Nightingale