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Healy Session

3 Scans + one 20 min. frequency treatment for the bioenergetic field.

  • 30 minutes
  • Starting at $122/mo
  • zoom link:

Service Description

Receive monthly sessions with the bioenergetic medical device called Healy. Healy is for mind, body & spirit and works similar to a TENS unit, but with smaller frequencies so your body can become supported with both microcurrent and bioenergetic field frequencies. During the session, your coach will introduce you to the device, how it works and provide 3 pdf reports with one larger program session, select from popular programs in the Resonance model: such as GOLD cycle, Bioenergetic Balance, or Chakras. Science and Practice In science, it is not only the joys of innovation and the satisfaction of possessing something unique that count. Science is also about evidence-based facts, scientifically proven development and a convincing number of publications. Frequency applications have been developed over decades of research by practitioners and scientists. The safety of this method has been proven by many studies and decades of experience, which have been confirmed by thousands of applications from our own practitioners. Two scientists in particular laid the foundation for our work in this field many years ago: Prof. Robert O. Becker Prof. Robert O. Becker was an expert researcher in the field of electrotherapy, author of the “bible” of modern electromedical technology, “The Body Electric,” written in 1985. His main field of research was the regeneration of organs and organ systems through the use of the body’s own bio-electromagnetic phenomena. Prof. Björn Nordenström Prof. Björn Nordenström, M. D. (1919–2006) was a professor in diagnostic radiology at Karolinska Institute and head of thorax radiology at Stockholm’s Karolinska Clinic. He was a member and temporary spokesperson for the Nobel Committee. In his book “Biologically Closed Electric Circuits” Professor Nordenstrom described a bioelectri