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How do I begin?:

Step 1: Schedule

 ~schedule your personal coaching call on my calendar :) I want to allow you to lead this. I am here to walk you through it sister!

Step 2: (Important) Breathe!

~So, the thing is, I am a real human too.

I know it takes real COURAGE to do this.

So let's talk first for a few moments...close your eyes, focus, breathe a deep breathe or two, and visualize your intention to work with a Coach. Then, click Clarity Consult from the Home Page to schedule your call.

After your call is scheduled on both our calendars (there will be a Zoom Link for the date/time that you view on the calendar link)


 - just plan to take a little mini- moment to breathe for a few moments!!


You are taking the biggest most challenging step of the whole process when you schedule the first call. 

Step 3: Transformation-

This means: together, we will: 

  • Address your health concerns one by one-using the MEPS model (see below)

  • Plan your health goals for total WELLNESS with your doctors or therapists as needed, to correct imbalances

  • Unlock new techniques to overcome the bumps & roadblocks to break through tough challenges

  • Map and define your Natural State with a unique wellness plan

So... what will happen next? 

Natural State Life Coaching will contact you after you get a calendar notification. 

We will look at four areas specifically to boost your wellness capacities in the

mental- emotional- physical- spiritual aspects!

What exactly will I learn?

You will learn how to:

Stimulate positive thinking

 Release old patterns 

Manifest new paths for your health

 Relationship boundaries & respect

Physical wellness: diet-nutrition-exercise

Spiritual connection to God-Nature-Om-Mindfulness practice

What is Integrative Wellness anyways?  

I learned about Integrative Wellness in 2003, when a doctor I worked with started a unique health group at a local hospital. Patients were given an option: they could request an Integrative Health Consultation for acute issues while in the hospital to help with anxiety and stress and to speed the healing process towards recovery during their stay.

Integrative Wellness seeks to empower individuals to be accountable for their own lives, thereby enhancing health, well-being and the ability to achieve one’s life purpose.


Ultimately, Integrative Wellness is a lifestyle practice, that supports the whole person to engage purposefully, to participate in his or her own health care so that the individual may participate in the greater good of humanity and nature.


Integrative Wellness is not just a singular modality of health; it is the dance toward harmony for your health.

Wow-I want more harmony at work!

(Can you visit me at work to help my co-workers?)


We do health promotion topics & workshops for your business!

Is your team achieving their goals??

Book us today for a Lunch & Learn about

Wellness in the workplace,

Mind-Body Balance,

Vision Board workshops

Emotional Clearing Method

& more.