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Fri, Sep 27


Lake Hamilton Escape, Hot Springs

September 2024 Women's Moon Retreat~ Finding Inner Peace with the Crescent Moon

The waning crescent moon symbolizes a time of surrender, rest, and healing for all women. It calls us to find a unique reconnection with SELF. You may feel called to join us as Moon Retreats are a time to release the old, prepare for the next cycle, & rejuvenate our feminine energy, together.

September 2024 Women's Moon Retreat~  Finding Inner Peace with the Crescent Moon
September 2024 Women's Moon Retreat~  Finding Inner Peace with the Crescent Moon

Time & Location

Sep 27, 2024, 3:33 PM CDT – Sep 29, 2024, 3:36 PM CDT

Lake Hamilton Escape, Hot Springs, Hot Springs, AR, USA

About the event

Welcome to the Fall Women's Moon Retreat, September 27th-29th 2024. 

We are excited to share and invite you to join us for a unique "Moon Retreat". 

This is a time where women will gather in sacred harmony to honor a time of rest & healing, and to learn more about the power of how to REST, learn release techniques from experts in the field, and  explore even more about the  enigmatic restorative energy of our beautiful - Waning Crescent Moon! 

Group Coaching sessions are included every Monday prior to the Retreat Starting 7/15/24 at 7:00pmCST and available for replay anytime. These sessions will help prepare the group, or those interested in this unique retreat for the specific techniques we are learning together. Techniques such as Emotional Clearing Method, releasing Generational Trauma and clearing mental chatter to enhance clarity and focus in your life more. This is a huge added value that comes with Natural State Wellness retreats, as well as highlighting our featured experts and healers within the group that teach us for all participants during the retreat.

MORE ABOUT OUR RETREATS- with Natural State Wellness:

Natural State Wellness is our private group of healers, practitioners and health entrepreneurs that unite twice a year for a pre-planned women's retreats! We host on Facebook, Telegram and have videos on You Tube for anyone who is interested in attending in the future. Feel free to share those videos as well. The goal is to saturate the marker with options for women for their health, hormones and life balance that include holistic therapies and coaching.

This will be our 12th retreat together, as we journey every Spring and Fall- mainly to connect more with  nature and the seasons to help us understand our own health codes. 

We use a number of techniques together to learn, share and to grow our knowledge about the power of the earth's frequencies, one of them this retreat will feature Emotional Clearing Method, or ECM, in which LIsa is trained to provide for her clients and members.

We hold regular energy healing workshops during the retreat and share a meal, honor our celebrations and hold space for true healing to take place. The event is a catalyst for your own growth and spiritual path. It can be a very powerful retreat for those who are ready to meet new, like-minded people and venture to Hot Springs, Arkansas, the mecca of healing energy in this area.


All participants have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a RN Wellness Coach, practicing the MEPS model- of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being mapping and Life Wheel Assessment.

 This is a unique opporunitity to personalize your goal planning for the next year and beyond, with access to VIP services and energy techniques. 

Lisa works with each client to promote self-care, relaxation and to learn how to meditate on their own regularly to benefit their health and decrease anxiety, improve sleep, reduce stress and balance hormones for women's cycles. This retreat, she will focus on helping you with a free hormone assessment and moon map and schedule a 45 minute session for balance- the theme of this Retreat, to honor the seasons of change and understand the rhythms of our bodies and what they are telling us. Her favorite practice is Emotional Clearing Method, or ECM- where we clear away old baggage and traumas from the body, mind and spirit. During the retreat, she will provide a mini-group session during the Waning Crescent Leo Moon. 

More on the Waning Crescent Moon:

The Waning Crescent Moon during the weekend of 9/27 thru 9/29 2024 will appear as a beautiful thin crescent, symbolizing a time for all wombyn to learn more about the art of surrender, rest, and healing. 

It's a period for us to fully let go, rest, and prepare for the new cycle ahead. We will be doing Restorative Yoga, Self-Care, eating healthy nourishing food, and meditating with me, Lisa- a accredited Meditation teacher and RN Wellness Coach. 

This weekend is for the woman who is looking to honor herself more, and take time to RE-Charge, and RE-New herself without planning a vacation herself, and retreat-ing with like-minded wombyn who follow the natural cycles of the moon phases. 

Tips for Crescent Moon Self-Care:

Best for: Surrendering to the natural flow of life, resting, and rejuvenating your energy.

How to Practice Self-Care: Focus on sleep and rest, gentle exercises like stretching or Tai Chi, nourish your body with comforting food, and take time to be still (a perfect time to enlist the help of an eye mask.  

Affirmation: I surrender to the flow of life and embrace the restorative power of rest.

Crystal: Amethyst! This cystal promotes rest and spiritual rejuvenation. Place it near your bed or meditate with it to align with the relaxing energy of this phase during the retreat, or use it afterwards to honor the power of your Spiritual Retreat practice.  

Scents: Any blend of grounding and calming earthy notes that foster reflection and release.

Ritual: Engage in restorative yoga, take a healing bath with some calming herbs and lotions, or meditate on the topics together of surrender and acceptance. This can become a routine practice in our lives once we embody the practice and learn the reasons why resting helps us in life even more than we realized.

Journal Prompts provided, such as: How can I nurture myself in preparation for a new beginning?

Physical Appearance of the Moon: The Waning Crescent Moon is a thin, delicate crescent, mostly in shadow. It represents the ending of the cycle and the preparation for the renewal that the New Moon will bring.  Together, we are freshly exploring the various phases of the moon opens up a world of connection, intention, and self-discovery. 

We find however, from the promising beginnings of the New Moon, all the way to the reflective wisdom of the Waning Gibbous, each phase of the Moon can offer Wombyn those special, unique insights and opportunities for growth. Whether you're harnessing the energy of the moon for spiritual practice or simply finding solace in its ever-changing glow, understanding these lunar cycles can be a transformative journey. 

During the retreat, we want to teach you to embrace the rhythm of the moon, align with its phases, and you may find a beautiful harmony in your own life that resonates with the natural world around you. 


Another tip I often give to members is they can utilize their own card deck, or create a card deck- or use their journal prompts to become a unique card deck to align with each phase of the moon!

We will be making a Moon Card Deck at the retreat for you to take with you, so that this deck could unlock intuitive affirmations and guidance to enhance your journey even more long after the retreat is over!

Step into the rhythms of the natural world  with us this September 2024, and let the moon guide your path to greater awareness and harmony.

Of course, if you're inspired to deepen your connection with the lunar cycle and enrich your mindfulness practice, explore our new course on Divine Feminine Power. (Go to to learn more at the link below.)

I look forward to working with you and honoring the Rhythms of LIfe this season!

To our health, 

Lisa Mann Jones

Integrative Wellness Coaching & Retreats

Meditation Teacher, Author, Life Coach


  • Early Birdie VIP Retreat

    Sale ends: Jul 31, 3:36 PM CDT

    This ticket includes all VIP services. 1. Admission to Crystal Digging, 2. Two nights accomodations on the lake with kyaking 3. Champagne/sparkling Moon drink toast 4. Admission to 2 workshops 5. A- 45 minute coaching session for Hormone/Health Balance! 6. Gift Bag 7. Exclusive offers for Membership to Natural State Life Coaching & Wellness group 8. This is a MOON-IFICIENT deal for the Early Birdie! It will not last! 9 spots available only. 9. No substitutions/refunds. Credits can be issued.

    Tax: Taxes Adde included+$9.43 service fee
  • Day Pass- (Great for Locals!)

    Sale ends: Aug 23, 3:36 PM CDT

    With this Day Pass, you receive admission to the Crystal Mine with the group, group activities, meditation, snack bag and gift bag. Great for Locals who live in Hot Springs, or travelers who want to camp- the Day Pass means you are responsible for your own accomodations, or do not need accomodations if you are planning on driving home.

    Tax: Taxes Adde included+$2.35 service fee



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