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Why I coach and how coaching became natural-

by: Lisa the LifeCoach

Mission: All people are equal in coaching philosophy and are capable to change their own lives through empowerment.


Working as a registered nurse in the healthcare industry for 16 years,  I started to to create a plan to incorporate Integrative Wellness concepts-such as Reiki and Energy healing with personal mentoring and life coaching.


I knew with the Integrative health teachings I had experienced, studied and saw results with-like Ho'Oponopono, the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness- for example- so that I could develop a curriculum for students and health conscious people all over the world!


But it had to be something that spoke from my inner wisdom- that combined the holistic & natural health anchor point, something that was community based and served others to become healthier & ultimately happier than ever before so they can accomplish their dreams and ripple that good like a beautiful wave of love that extends out into the world. 

Natural State Life Coaching was created for you.


Here are some basic principles that we practice to help you get to know Lisa's coaching style more.

  •  Coaching is a different process than working in the hospital or clinic and being a nurse, or therapist-but does have many similarities in that coaching will help people find inner motivation and find their strengths.

  • In coaching, clients schedule themselves, and make decisions sometimes unrelated to a specific health concern-such as getting clear on what they want to do next in their career OR stepping onto a stage for the first time without becoming nervous...

  • Coaching can be used to help project a Vision Board for your Career, revise your resume or re-enter the workforce.

  • Integrative Wellness coaching is about learning boundaries in dynamic Power Connections with others.  (We call these PC's)

  • You will learn to begin how to map personal achievements with your Coach.

  • By helping my clients develop their own personal progress chart or health/career map for goals to empower them- they become confident and able to define specific goals and change their lives purposefully, on a conscious and subconscious level.

  • Do I have a niche?

    • Yes!! :) Women/Hormones/Anxiety-and anyone who wants to get clarity in a total wellness approach with holistic health concepts-the type of client that works with a coach is a person who seeks to improve something in their life AND health in some way.

    • Someone who realizes there is a great connection between physical and emotional health.

  • Life Coaching is really helpful for the wandering type (this is something Lisa can relate to) who feel LOST at times- or those who want to discover their true "purpose" in life and follow their dreams

    • especially a person who still may have certain roadblocks such as a chronic illness (chronic fatigue or inflammation) or lingering doubts (confidence and self-esteem with emotional eating challenges) about themselves-and coaching can help wayfarers and wanderers to find a way to navigate smoothly through with new purpose.

  • With me as your Coach- the person is asked specific questions that propel forward thinking every session. We track the feeling and thoughts. A Coach provides consistent accountability, and usually wants to see you for an appointment every 2-3 weeks to check progress and gain momentum to acheive the short term goals and bigger goals too.  

  • In case you were wondering, how do I become a Coach? 

    • or if you desire more information on that process; I became certified as an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach through the Integrative Wellness Academy based in Austin, Texas in 2017. I share this with others because I help mentor and support other people who want to begin coaching. I can refer you to this program and also the Sovereign Coaching program as two amazing programs to begin your coaching profession!


Find your Natural State & get clarity for your life~