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Be a Magnet..>>>>>>

October 15, 2017

Have you ever felt drawn to a purpose or thing you really want to do? Well I stumbled upon this today from: http://elitelifetransformation.com/Magnet.pdf


 "We have ill health because we believe we should. We’ve hit a certain age, and our parents developed a health issue at that age, so we develop a health issue at that age., we have ill health because we’ve been taking actions which treat ourselves badly. Whether you are conscious of it or not, eating an entire box of chocolates reflects some sort of belief about yourself which manifests itself in your waistline and messed up blood sugar. Jumping up on an injured leg reveals some other belief about yourself. Sometimes, we have ill health because there is some unacknowledged anger, resentment, grief, or thought in our mind which we won’t let out any other way. It is time to let it all go. Time to release it. Use the Secret to make a declaration of independence from these issues today. Speak life over your body. Declare yourself healed. Pay attention to your body when your body feels at its best. Pay attention to that which makes your body feel good. Focus on the actions that will help your body"


By focusing on healthy things we can have the ability to change our future and release our past! This is amazing power.


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